Master in Fashion Management and Design (in lingua inglese)

Master in Fashion Management and Design (in lingua inglese)


The Master in Fashion Management & Design provides specialized lessons and laboratory activities. The first introductory part provides students with the basis of the fashion product, inspiration and design, starting from the history of costume and fashion.

The second part, using the theoretical knowledge acquired from the previous lessons as a foundation, moves towards a more practical approach, providing students with insight into the Italian haute couture tradition.

The student is granted a Master's degree after successfully defending his or her final thesis in front of a panel of judges. Grading is based on a scale of 0-110; 66 is the passing grade and students who obtain full marks of 110 may also be awarded 'summa cum laude' (110 e lode).

The final thesis of the Master's program, intended to assess the technical, scientific and professional preparation and competences of the student, requires the completion, discussion and presentation of a written project work during the dissertation.

The Master program is composed of 6 modules, and concludes with a final exam.

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