Professor of Latin language; Professor of emerging disease - epidemiology
Avatar Autore, ricercatore e docente: Lingue Antiche, Malattie Emergenti, Medicina Internazionale, Sanità Pubblica ed Epidemiologia. Esperienza internazionale.

Professional interests as shown by CV:
1.    Humanities. and Classics.Ancient languages: Latin and tonic (classic and middle age) Greek, history, development, philology, communication and language; philosophy of science; history and art.
2.    Medicine and Psychology. Emerging diseases; Public Health, government health programs, International Medicine, mobile populations, health risk factors and behaviors; Molecular Biology; Neuroscience; Communication neurophysiology; Psychopathology (development disorders, pervasive disorders- autism, epidemiology of behavioral and psychiatric disorders); Epidemiological methods; Emerging diseases and viruses; Ebola Virus Disease; SARSCoV2 and CoViD19; Research planning and managing.