Erasmus Policy Statement

Name of the Institution: Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi

Institutional code: I ROMA21
Application reference number: 247667-LA-1-2014-1-IT-E4AKA1-ECHE

Marconi University was born and officially recognized by the Ministry of Education University and Research in the year 2004. The principal seat is in Rome, with its administration offices, the Rector office and the exams seat. Unimarconi has got different Italian branches in which students who don’t live in Rome can take their exams. Students choose their own training and educational path among six faculties: School of Business, School of Law, School of Political Sciences, School of Applied Sciences and Technologies, School of Arts, School of Political Science, School of Education Science, which are structured in 1stlevel, 2nd level and single cycle bachelors, and nine departments. The offer is enlarged with the masters’ degrees, improvement postgraduate major courses, Phd’s, language courses. All the academic titles are issued by e – learning courses paths for which information technology is a fundamental source for students and researchers. The maximum flexibility is guaranteed for the fruition of courses, by allowing whether the choice to get the maximum number of credits within the same year, or to extend the same ones in a longer period.  Among its institutional tasks, Marconi University considers as primary the educational and training path of each student, through the importance of study and research.  
In that perspective, each student is depositary of the fundamental rights as citizen as well as user of a service which is structured in its different didactic and administrative functions:

  • Deserving a training which values intelligence and original ability in personal elaboration and active interaction with teachers;
  • Right to be valued according to objective standards refusing discrimination;
  • Right to communication and information;
  • Right to be followed in one’s training path, through orientation, tutoring and counselling activities, according to the predicted ways in the didactic offer;
  • Right to have access and to use the administration and didactic services in synergy with one’s individual training path;
  • Deserving quality and efficiency of the available services, structured according to user’s needs;
  • Right to signal eventual anomalies of services in anyway predicted by the available communication services and through a specific Office in charge of representing the specific interface showing the students’ needs;
  • Right to verify and to control the quality of services;
  • Right to protection of personal data according to the present rules

The main services (training, information, tutoring, documentation, orientation, traineeship, administrative secretary) are provided by guaranteeing: e – learning and face-to-face quality standard levels, functionality of the technological platforms working 24 hours a day as well as the help desk service; access to the support materials such as booklets, exercises, self – assessment tests and multimedia (DVD with lessons).

In the pursuing of knowledge quality improvement, the Università degli Studi “Guglielmo Marconi” aims to achieve and sustain excellence in every area of its teaching and research. One of the objectives of its Strategic Plan is to share a commitment to research excellence, high quality teaching and an outstanding student experience. As a current holder of the Extended Erasmus University Charter with a large network of university partners worldwide, Unimarconi aims to advance its internationalization strategy through student mobility, research collaboration and co-operation in organizational management and development.

In this regard, the GUIDE Association - Global Universities In Distance Education – established in 2005 - aims to develop and support international cooperation and open and distance learning worldwide. By strengthening the role of higher education institutions as innovation and development drivers, GUIDE promotes the implementation of innovative results, insights and best practices in order to create strategic partnership and transnational cooperation as well.

Unimarconi attributes great importance to the development of a European perspective for each discipline of study.

Among the international projects to which the university takes part, the Erasmus project represents the principal way to establish concrete contacts among different languages and cultures, sharing the same will of interacting in order to allow and encourage exchanges offering important opportunities to students. 

Erasmus represents an incentive for them, because the Erasmus grant is predicted for those students having some minimum determined requirements, stated by the announcement of selection that the University publishes for its outgoing students. At the same time it is an opportunity which allows them to live abroad and plan their own study and/or traineeship activities.

Unimarconi has obtained the ECHE, Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, which is the first important document stating the participation of an institution to the new global project that has just started in the field of education, training, sport for young people in the EU context, that is the Erasmus+ programme.

According to the principles stated and overspread by the Bologna Process, students get a great benefit by taking actively part to the project, whether for their academic path building and improvement, or for their professional development in the labor market.

Indeed Erasmus predicts different level of mobility for students (student mobility for studies, student mobility for placement) as well as for the universities staff (staff mobility for teaching, staff mobility for training).

The aim of the University is to create a large network on behalf of its departments and staff, by finding corresponding ones in the other EU Universities, in order to increase the contacts and to enlarge the perspectives of outgoing students as well as of the incoming ones.

All students work under the supervision of a tutor or supervisor, and are required to keep in contact with them. On exchange, all academic coordinators arrange pre – departure meetings for the outgoing students, who are encouraged to seek advice from the previous year’s outgoing students. The reports of outgoing students on their time abroad are monitored to see if there are problems to be identified and discussed with partner institutions.

Unimarconi gives great importance to research and its departments recognize the value of teaching exchanges, with many agreements set up to receive regular teaching on particular programs. It can form part of the appraisal process and teachers are encouraged to disseminate their reports within the department and encourage mobility among colleagues.

Teacher exchanges are valued and encouraged as part of the University’s policy to continue developing bilateral and multilateral partnerships.

As for the academic, also mobility activity for placement is predicted (see the Notes of Guidance on Placement Learning), for that each student is provided with a Learning Agreement concerning the interested placement period activities.

The student’s tutor or supervisor will be in regular contact with the student, being able to monitor his progress during the placement.   

The support of language courses is guaranteed by the Language Center, for both incoming (who are expected to possess the B1 as minimum requested level for Italian language) and outgoing students.